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Knowing full well about Arnold in Josh's life, Ben, who is in the hospital and has been having a rough time with his health of late, lets Josh know that he wants to continue seeing him, regardless of their date supposedly being one night only. Mae wants to reconcile with Alan, and leaves Grace with Josh to allow the two to work things out. Rose and Hannah have been in a depression leading to them doing no cleaning. Into this situation comes Stuart who wants to make it up to Rose for his temporary dalliance with Hazel. These three issues form the backdrop for what is happening at Josh, Tom and Claire's place. Tom has chlamydia - again - and doesn't want to tell Ella since he told her that he had a sexual health test when she asked just before they started dating. Not wanting to be caught in that lie which he fears will lead to Ella breaking up with him, Tom enlists Josh's help to get the necessary drugs, one dose for Tom and one dose for Ella, that latter dose which they will spike her food with without telling her. Josh takes the simple plan and blows it up into interesting proportions that affects everyone in the household - Tom, Claire, Ella, Arnold, Grace and John - while the other three issues and the chlamydia start to meld into one big mess.

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