Legendas em Português para as series Crossing Lines - S01E08



An Italian mafioso, Nicola Conti, sends his henchmen after two thieves who stole drugs and money from him and then took his daughter Angela as prisoner. The process of tracking them down has led to two mass shootings, one in Italy and the second just across the border in Slovenia. Michel Dorn's has little faith in Hickman, who is temporarily in charge, but agrees to let the team get involved. The experience is an eye opener for he young Angel. Hickman meanwhile follows up with the woman from the bank who identified him as a cop. He's certain she knows something about the account he was looking into. Dorn continues in his quest to find evidence against Dimitrov while Louis Daniel and his wife try to deal with the latest revelations.

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Desperation & Desperados
France, Germany, USA
43 min

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