Legendas em Português para as series Doutora no Alabama (Hart of Dixie) - S02E08



Wade declines filling in as reverend Mayfair's scouts troop assistant wood camp leader but reconsiders to get away from George, who alas volunteers to force wade to a talk and wade's blessing as ex to date Tamsy, which wade believes only a distraction until he goes for Zoe again. To Wade's relief, boyscout experience isn't required to counsel fat, 'fellow odd kid out' Tim and George assures him to know Wade is with Zoe and doesn't mind. Doctor Breeland and the mayor each hoped to have found a mate, but by the time daughter Magnolia's hostility is turned, Emily Chase bails, and Ruby is interested in a headhunter's CEO job offer, using his 'suspicion' as an excuse to accept in six months.

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