Legendas em Português para as series Doutora no Alabama (Hart of Dixie) - S01E08



Just before homecoming arrives Jimmy Praboo, who always pulled cruel pranks at Wade's and especially George's expense, so the vow revenge. Lemon initially protests at childishness, but is soon tempted to help them plot a 'smurf shower', which goes pear-shaped. The mayor has to fill in for the football coach, the first of a serious of apparent flu victims including the quarterback, but Zoe later diagnoses otherwise. Zoe is allowed to attempt socializing by taking over his pre-game party, but the New York buddy party planner she flies in takes over the Big Apple way, which pleases no local, nor even Zoe. Handsome veterinarian Dr. Judson Lyons generously gives Zoe another dating chance.

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Homecoming & Coming Home
45 min

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