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It's Cathy's 43rd birthday. Coming to the realization that this birthday may be her last, she, on an impulse, takes Lenny up on his offer to accompany him to the Bahamas for the weekend. That plan is placed in jeopardy when Paul throws Cathy a surprise birthday party at the house. For her gift, Paul gives her Rebecca, her best friend from college who she hasn't seen in fifteen years after Rebecca, who was supposed to be Cathy's maid of honor, skipped the wedding in favor of hanging out with a man she just met. Time has not changed Rebecca's perspective on life. Another surprise or not so surprise attendee at the party is Lenny, who stops by the house to pick up Cathy to head to the airport. Lenny meeting Paul, the party itself, and Cathy reminiscing with Rebecca about their good old college days make both Cathy and Lenny reevaluate if their affair is such a good idea. Meanwhile, Sean does some catching up of his own with Rebecca. And Adam notices that something is not quite right with Marlene.

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Happy Birthday, Cancer
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