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Inside Kemp's 'facility' George, believing Mitchell to be dead, listens as Lucy, justifying her work, tells him she loved Mitchell. He also hears a tape of Annie claiming to hate her ghostly existence and crave closure. To create a door Kemp kills Hennessey, his psychic, pushing both him and Annie through it. Mitchell, having slain some of Kemp's minions, is about to kill Kemp but George stops him, stating that Annie would not have wanted it. Nina, Mitchell and George all escape and three months later are living in a country cottage. Lucy visits, to apologise, but she is followed by Kemp, who kills her before he is swept through a door created by Annie. Annie appears on a television screen in a limbo from which Mitchell vows to save her but, thanks to Cara, another enemy may not be dead.

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All God's Children
60 min

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