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Don has come to the realization that his life is falling apart, fueled in large part by his excessive alcohol consumption. To get his life back on track, he is swimming regularly - a difficult task at first - and writing a journal, the latter which may be the more difficult task as he admits he has never strung together more that 250 words at any given time. His problems are compounded by the fact that Gene's second birthday is coming up, Gene's official party to which he is not invited. He also knows in his heart that Gene considers Henry to be his father. Don also evaluates the state of his relationships, especially with Bethany. Betty is not coping much better with her life, the thought of Don which causes her unending grief. A chance social meeting with Don totally unravels Betty, unfortunate for Henry that it takes place at an important dinner with regard to Henry's political future. Betty's emotions take their toll on the Francises. Joan is also going through a rough time with Greg soon heading off to basic training. She is also butting heads with Joey, who is treading on shaky ground in that he is not an employee but a freelancer who does not respect the role that Joan plays in the office. A specific incident between Joey and Joan may be the last straw for her. A move by Peggy to stand up for Joan has a surprising result.

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The Summer Man
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