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Brenda and the team are on the job when a body is found in Elysian Park. The dead man was obviously dragged behind a vehicle and there is evidence he was tortured in other ways. Andy Flynn recognizes him as a suspect in a murder case from the 1990s. They were sure he had killed two girls but their bodies were never found and they couldn't get the necessary evidence against him. The investigation was led by a now retired detective, Joey Olin, who is more than happy to help out on the case that he devoted so much time to without a satisfactory result. Since his retirement, he's kept in touch with the dead girls' families, phoning them on the anniversary of their disappearance and generally keeping an eye on the situation. He proves to be somewhat disruptive in the investigation however when he informs the families of events before Brenda is ready.

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Elysian Fields
45 min

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