Legendas em Português para as series Mentes Criminosas (Criminal Minds) - S06E08



Twenty-something Kelly Landis, who has been missing for three days, is found dead in a back alley in Georgetown. Although the D.C. police don't connect her death to any other murders, they call in the BAU because of what was done to her: her lips were cut off. The unsub wants press on the murder as he sent a photograph of Kelly to one of the Georgetown area newspapers. The BAU believe the unsub to be local and that the police have already interviewed him. Based on finding a homeless man living at the crime scene, they determine that the unsub is the man who reported Kelly's murder and who at the time was masquerading as a homeless man. Text found at the crime scene which matches text found on a piece of paper stuffed down Kelly's throat, the three day time frame and the way Kelly was made up when she was found suggest that the unsub is working in some 1950's movie or stage play three act scenario. Another young woman, Penny Hanley, is also determined to be missing and based on their information, the BAU and D.C. police have only one more day to find the unsub before Penny will be killed. Meanwhile, Garcia inadvertently exposes a little of her personal life to the team, a part which she wanted kept to herself. Despite Garcia's wishes, Hotch uses this part of her life to try and flush out the unsub.

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Reflection of Desire
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