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It's Thanksgiving, and all the orphaned regulars of the bar have decided to have dinner together at Cheers. These include a recently separated Frasier and his son Frederick, Carla and three of her fatherless kids (Lucinda, Jesse and Elvis), a Vera-less for the holidays and somewhat confused Norm with his barcalounger, a Ma-less for the holidays Cliff, host and hostess Sam and Rebecca, and for a short but unexpected time John Allen Hill, whose kitchen, silverware, plates and candlesticks the gang are using. One not there is Woody, who is having dinner with the Gaines family. Mr. Gaines recently made Woody sign a power of attorney document, and Sam thinks that the Gaines family is taking advantage of naive Woody. Sam suggests to Woody that he stand up to Mr. Gaines, to say that he's disappointed in him, that he should be ashamed of himself, and that he should give Woody the respect he deserves. Woody does so, but not before Woody walks in on Mr. Gaines having an affair with his sister-in-law, Katherine. With Woody's speech, Mr. Gaines thinks Woody is blackmailing him. So Mr. Gaines goes along with everything Woody wants, which in addition to tearing up the power of attorney document, includes chumming around together doing Woody's favorite, as Mr. Gaines calls them, "lower middle class" activities. However, Woody saw nothing between Mr. Gaines and Katherine. Mr. Gaines may have to continue as if he is being blackmailed, blackmail or not.

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Ill-Gotten Gaines
30 min

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