Legendas Lei & ordem: Unidade de Vítimas Especiais, Temporada 7 - Episodio 13



A girl, Carly Hunter, is kidnapped on her way home from school. The abductor's van is quickly found, with the girl's blood in it. One suspect, a paroled pedophile, accidentally kills himself running from Det. Stabler. Hoping that evidence from the van will help locate Carly, Stabler talks to the medical examiner, Dr. Warner. She tells Stabler that Carly is probably alive (the blood is from a nosebleed), but that she's also got an undiagnosed case of leukemia and needs to be found as soon as possible. Warner elects to go to the Hunters and tell them about Carly's condition. While there, the kidnapper calls and demands $300,000 ransom and no police. He can view the apartment somehow, and asks who Warner is. She convinces the kidnapper that she's Carly's doctor. She then goes to an interior bathroom and calls SVU. They sneak in and are there when ransom delivery directions are faxed, demanding that Warner be the delivery person. Stabler goes along (in a car trunk), and watches the exchange. But a security guard at the drop site spooks the kidnapper, and he flees in a stolen car with Carly. Using evidence left by the car, SVU finds where Carly is being kept and rescues her. Talking to her, Stabler realizes that the kidnapper knows the family intimately. Talking to Carly's mom, Stabler finds out that the Hunters have an older adult son, Daniel, whom they kicked out because he was a cocaine addict who almost let Carly die 5 years before when she found his coke stash and almost ingested it. Mrs. Hunter hadn't talked to him since he was kicked out. But talking to Mr. Hunter at his bank, Stabler and Warner find out that he's talked to Daniel periodically. While there, a bank robber comes in brandishing a machine gun. Mr. Hunter realizes that it's Daniel, and tries talking to him about giving up. Hunter trips up Stabler trying to get the drop on Daniel, and the police become hostages. After talking to Cragen (who has arrived with the SWAT team outside the bank), Daniel returns into the bank and gets shot at by an overzealous guard. Daniel shoots back and severely wounds his father. Feeling that everything is lost, Daniel decides to go out in a blaze of glory by shooting towards the police outside and getting killed in the return fire. He shoots out the door windows and begins to walk into their view. But Dr. Warner takes out a gun and shoots one of Daniel's legs. The police realize that he's down, and he's taken into custody without being wounded further.

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