Legendas A estética, Temporada 2 - Episodio 2



Christian was enjoying sex with a young model, but an allergy caused her to sneeze so her butt crushing down broke the Casanova's killer face's nose, which must be operated. Sean hoped his anxiety was over after mother in law Erica Noughton's operation, but it suddenly returns during pro bono surgery on Mr. Unger, who nearly gets butchered. Matt is interrogated after the police arrested his mate Henry in the Cara case; he denies to know anything. After a visit from Henry's shocked father, Sean suspects the truth, but Matt still denies any part in the car hit. In Dr. Monica Jordan's waiting room, Christian meets adolescent patient Calvin Murray, who says his third nipple prevents any sex life, agrees a male doctor is less embarrassing, and is eager for the gorgeous girls in Dr. Troy's waiting room. When Sean finds out Christian booked another surgeon and attacks him, he gets reminded of his list of grave errors and looses confidence again, handing the scalpel to Christian for the nipple job. Erica explains to Julia how parents, unable to accept their own failing, unconsciously transfer their ambition to their children, who thus come under excessive stress, which probably caused Matt and Henry to go overboard. Then Sean tells her his nervous disaster. Christian cheerfully stripped for Dr. Jordan who was to check him for melanoma, but was told his love handles need preventive action at age 40; to re-boost his self-confidence, he demands his next 'ride' to call him sexy, but even Gina finds that too weird and tells him he's becoming as ugly outside as inside. Henry tells Matt at a prison visit the incessant pressure was what got to him, he snatched when Cara rejected him and now fears to be raped in jail. Frustrated he operates on his own nose in front of the mirror- now he realizes and Sean sees what a shaky second can do to a surgeon; terrified Sean must fix the face of their common future, without general anesthetic so the patient can verbally assist and boost his confidence, which works.

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