Legendas Shameless, Temporada 8 - Episodio 4



Chesney's cousin Sita fails her exams but her tutor John Cromer agrees to pass her if they have sex,which leads to his being set up and filmed by Carl to compromise him into passing Sita. Patty's great nephew Aidan,an aggressive little brat,comes to stay after his single mother,a drug addict and prostitute,has been jailed. He soon gets into a fight with Jackson and uses Libby's credit card to access Interner porn. Karen and Jamie reconcile,Karen agreeing to out-patient treatment at the local psychiatric hospital,where she sees Frank and tells Libby.

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Episode #8.4
90 min


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Shameless.UK.S08E04.DVDRip.XviD-HAGGiS.srt Pt br

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