Legendas NCIS - Investigação Criminal, Temporada 11 - Episodio 4



Gibbs and company, including Susan, the agent from the polygraph room, investigate the death of a woman with an ID card showing her as a sergeant in the US Marine Corps; however, McGee quickly finds that the real sergeant died in Afghanistan almost three years ago. The Duck comments on the disfiguring of the face by an acid. Abby says that the victim's necklace appears to have come from Afghanistan; Gibbs and Tony learn that the impostor was an Afghan, and that Mike Franks and his daughter-in-law had a connection with her; Abby gets a lead on the killer. Gibbs experiences heavy-duty flashbacks, and he gains insight into the motive. Susan questions the suspect in the chat room. Acting on a lead, Gibbs and McGee investigate in Kabul; at a women's shelter Gibbs calls the bluff of five bullies until the cavalry arrives (with help from Tony). Gibbs returns to Andrews AFB, Maryland, with eight new friends. Mademoiselle Tavier tells Gibbs that Mike would feel proud of him.

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Anonymous Was a Woman
60 min


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