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The South African lawyer Sarah Barcant travels from New York back to her hometown to represent the member of the Parliament Alex Mpondo in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission since torturer police officer Dirk Hendricks has made an application for amnesty. The parents of Steve Sizela request Sarah to represent them also since their son that was arrested with Mpondo but has gone missing. Hendricks uses one break in the trial to threaten Mpondo, promising to destroy his political career telling that he was a traitor. But Mpondo, who is a man traumatized with the torture, anticipates and tells what has happened to Steve Sizela and him in the hands of Hendricks and his superior Piet Müller. Will the remains of Steve be found and the truth disclosed?

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Red Dust
UK, South Africa
English, Xhosa, Afrikaans
110 min
2 wins & 2 nominations.


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Red Dust 2004 (Sombras do Passado).srt Pt pt
Sombras do Passado DVDRip Dual backes.srt Pt br
Red Dust.srt Pt br

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